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  • I Am….

    A person determined in fulfilling his dreams / Addicted to new technologies / Passionate in exploring new opportunities / Wanderlust / born in Italy

  • I Dream….

    A Digital Nomad(ish) life / The End of IE8

  • I Love….

    My girlfriend and my dog / My new life in Dublin / A satisfied customer / New challenges / Creativity in all fields / Travelling, Travelling and Travelling.

  • I Dislike….

    Days with only 24 hours / War / low battery on my phone after less than 24 hours



  • I Am….

    A Visionary with a succesful business idea / Oriented to results / Looking for staff with a “Can Do” attitude

  • I Dream….

    An amazing Web platform to run my business / Being mentioned in the Top 100 World Enterpreneurs list from People Magazine / Relax on a tropical Island while my business works for me

  • I Love….

    A staff that is an active part of my business / Proactive people / Skilled Professionals / Not being worried about missing deadlines

  • I Dislike….

    People who promises something that they could not deliver / Aged style designs (unless not asking for it) / Paying a lot for something not worth it / Work with people not passionate about their job

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You are now online: how do you get yourself known to the world?

Web Dev&Design

Layout, Database, Functionalities, Design and friends.

Social Media Activities

Facebook, Twitter, Gplus: Build your brand on the Social Media.


So that we help you climbing to the very top (of Search Engines).

Mobile Apps

1.75 Billion mobile users. Let’s put your business in their hands! Not literally, of course.


All of the above plus our expertise and creativity to transform your Vision into a real world product.

Webyourmind’s work has an exceptional ability to transform an idea into a fantastic work of art and let me just say… they are terrific.

Sandra Carvalho

Webyourmind was involved in the development of my personal website and the results were beyond my expectations. Professionalism and speed in delivery the work. These guys have great knowledge of the web and all its latest innovations, which means that you’ll have a cutting-edge project delivered.

Niccolo Ravanelli Entrepreneur

WebYourMind is a team of real Developers, not just installers. I needed someone to bring my Ideas to life, and WebYourMind did it. I have been constantly followed and updated about the project, which has been delivered at the time established. I have paid the right amount for an amazing result.

AngularJS Tutorial – Validation 101: - Form Validation

form status
Se sei un visual learner puoi guardare i video qui sotto che approfondiscono gli argomenti trattati nel post In questo Tutorial AngularJS introdurremo la validazione nelle form e in particolare ci focalizzeremo sugli stati che possono assumere i campi e le for stesse. Creare un robusto sistema di validazione dei dati inseriti dagli utenti può […]
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AngularJs in 60 minuti - Video Tutorial AngularJs Italiano

in questo video tutorial di 60 minuti circa (diviso in 2 parti), ti guidiamo alla scoperta di AngularJs, il famoso framework javascript google.   Se ti stai domandando perché imparare a sviluppare in AngularJs sia tanto importante, ti diamo 3 buone ragioni: E' Trendy! Sempre più aziende sono alla ricerca di professionisti in grado di sviluppare […]
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